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Community Giving Series

Arbor Day Event

'Lend a Hand to save the Land'

Join us on April 29th 2023 for our Community Giving Series: Arbor Day Event. We will have different sustainable events throughout the day including:

  • Trash Pickup with Nature Scavenger Hunt - Learn More

  • Tree/Native Plant Planting- Learn More

  • Plastic Bag Recycling * - Learn More

  • * Plastic Bag Recycling is now always available at the MHOA office

Trash Pickup and Nature Scavenger Hunt:

"I don't want to trash talk, but if you don't recycle, you're a waste!" - Planet Earth

Trash Pickup

Come join us to help keep Four Lakes clean! Picking up litter is a simple activity that can have instant results on our beautiful property! We'll provide the grabbers, trash bag, and scavenger hunt list!


Tree and Native Plant planting

"Some Earth Day puns are really TERRAble" - Planet Earth

Tree and Native

Earth Day Black Out

Give back to planet earth by helping us plant trees and native plantings around the property. Spaces limited, RSVP today!

"Shoutout to planet earth... it keeps me grounded!" - Every Human Ever

Black out

Help the earth out and give it a break from all the lights and electrical usage! Turn off all non-essential lighting and unplug devices you aren't using to say "thank you" to the best planet in the solar system!

Plastic Bag Recycling

"How can you tell the ocean is friendly? It waves!" - Planet Earth

Plastic Bags

Drop your plastic shopping bags off in the foyer of the ski building throughout the month of April to help reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.

RSVP Below

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